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Wanhua Chemical won the special prize of the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

Recently, Wanhua Chemical won the special prize of the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award for its complete set of technology and industrialization of hydrogen chloride catalytic oxidation to produce chlorine, making it the only enterprise in the province to receive this honor. This innovative technology has achieved the transformation of "chlorine" from open-loop consumption to closed-loop circulation in the production process of isocyanates, which has profound significance for the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

In the previous process of producing isocyanates, chlorine was only used as an active carrier, and ultimately all were produced in the form of by-product hydrogen chloride. For a long time, the treatment of by-product hydrogen chloride has become a challenge that restricts the development of the industry. The "Complete Technology and Industrialization of Hydrogen Chloride Catalytic Oxidation for Chlorine Production" project of Wanhua Chemical has overcome three major problems: low conversion rate of hydrogen chloride oxidation, difficult fluidization of catalyst under high temperature, and difficult balance between mechanical strength and stability. It fundamentally solves the problems of low added value, sales difficulties, and environmental pollution of by-product hydrochloric acid in the chlorine consumption industry.

Internationally, this project has achieved large-scale industrialization of the "non precious metal copper catalyst+fluidized bed process" for the first time, forming the most competitive solution for hydrogen chloride oxidation to chlorine in the international market, and driving new development in the polyurethane industry chain. At the same time, it assists the company in achieving sustainable development goals and provides a more economical and green source of chlorine gas raw materials for the industry. In the future, Wanhua Chemical will continue to promote innovation in green processes and accelerate the achievement of the dual carbon goal.

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