Industry and academia
Integrating industry, academia, and research; Injecting new kinetic energy

Xingang Group has always actively promoted the integration of industry, academia, and research. It has collaborated with industry-leading universities and research institutes to build research and development platforms such as laboratories, engineering re

Technology research and development platformname

Shandong Academician WorkstationAcademician Li Jian Workstation of Shandong Xingang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd
China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) LaboratoryShandong Xingang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Testing Center
Shandong Engineering Technology Research CenterShandong Environmental Protection Artificial Board Engineering Technology Research Center
Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology CenterShandong Xingang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd
High and new technology enterprisesShandong Xingang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd
Shandong Province Postdoctoral Research Workstation

Shandong Xingang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd

New R&D Institutions in Shandong ProvinceLinyi Xingang Wood Industry New Materials Technology Research Institute
Linyi City "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D Center

Shandong Xingang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd

Linyi Engineering LaboratoryLinyi Functional Artificial Board Engineering Laboratory
Linyi Technology Innovation Center

Linyi Wood Industry Green and Low Carbon New Material Technology Innovation Center

Wood and Bamboo Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Professional Laboratory

Biomimetic Formaldehyde Free Artificial Board Professional Laboratory

Linyi Intelligent Factory

Xingang Artificial Board Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

Linyi Digital Workshop

Xingang Super Strong Particleboard and Ultra Thin Fiberboard Workshop

Scientific and technological research results

It has undertaken more than 40 national-level scientific research projects and holds more than 100 patents.

Patent No patent name type Authorization date
ZL 2022 2 3289720.3 Perforated sound-absorbing fiberboard Utility model 2023.04.14
ZL 2022 2 3133489.9 Ultra-thin fiberboard continuous flattening line post-processing lower plate continuous device Utility model 2023.03.10
ZL 2022 2 2500176.6 High-strength waterproof and environmentally friendly particle board Utility model 2022.12.27
ZL 2022 2 2697489.5 High-strength particle board with a combination of large and small particles Utility model 2023.01.20
ZL 2022 2 2598963.9 Particleboard continuous flat press steel belt cleaning device Utility model 2022.12.30
ZL 2022 2 2601813.9 Anti-jamming spiral feeding device for heating furnace in particleboard production line Utility model 2023.02.03
ZL 2022 2 2601872.6 Convection self-blowing device Utility model 2022.12.27
ZL202220657697.X Convection self-blowing device Utility model 2022.07.01
ZL202220657670.0 Chip drying production line with tail gas waste heat pre-drying device Utility model 2022.07.01
ZL202110022848.4 Preparation method of flame-retardant particle board and flame-retardant particle board invention 2022.06.21
ZL202110023558.1 Flame-retardant and environmentally friendly solid wood thick-core plywood and preparation method thereof invention 2021.05.17
ZL202121597559.9 Carpentry beam test device with eight-point uniform loading Utility model 2021.11.23
ZL202120195473.7 carpentry beam Utility model 2021.10.26
ZL202023138747.3 Large thickness functional particle board laminated timber Utility model 2021.10.19
ZL202022827183.8 Soundproof particle board structure for decoration Utility model 2021.09.10
ZL202021555553.0 Drying dust separation device Utility model 2021.06.26
ZL202021553366.9 Wet wood chip silo discharge screw conveyor Utility model 2021.04.06
ZL201511026347.4 Method for producing thick core plywood using formaldehyde-free biomass soy protein adhesive invention 2018.01.09
ZL201521138402.4 A kind of thick core solid wood ecological board Utility model 2016.05.18
ZL201821979561.0 Small sander with dust collector Utility model 2019.08.09

Participated in the formulation of 10 national standards and 4 industry standards. Among them, as the leading enterprise in formulating the national standard "Timber and "Calculation Method for Carbon Content of Wood Products", "Plywood for Concrete Formwork" and industry standard "Ultra-thin Fiber Board".

Standard standard name type Implementation time
/ -
/ -
T/CNFPIA 3017-2021 2021.09.16
/ -
LY/T 1793-2022 2023.01.01
LY/T 2373-2014 2014.12.01
LY/T 2062-2012 2012.07.01
LY/T 1979-2011 2011.07.01
/ -
GB/T 32165-2014 2015.03.11
GB/T 9846-2015 2015.11.02
GB/T 19367-2009 2009.01.11
GB/T 41715-2022 2023.05.01
GB/T 24311-2021 2022.03.01
GB/T 39600-2021 2021.10.01
GB/T 17656-2018 2018.01.01
GB/T 23741-2018 2019.01.01
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