Group overview
  • mission

    Leading the development of the wood industry and innovating quality life

  • Vision

    Create a leading and efficient wood industry chain
    Become a world-class comprehensive industrial group

  • values

    Respect rules, shoulder responsibilities, be brave in innovation, be pragmatic and efficient, and collaborate for mutual education

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Believe in the power of belief, believe in the miracle of gratitude, believe in the results of loyalty

  • style of working

    Count; seek truth from facts; be honest and do things with integrity;
    Act quickly and get it right in one step

  • values

    People-oriented, never complacent, keep pace with the times and pursue innovation

  • Business philosophy

    Integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win situation

  • market concept

    Customer satisfaction is our eternal standard

  • Employment philosophy

    Gathering talents from all over the world to build a century-old new port Recruiting elite soldiers and generals to build a new MTR military The capable will be promoted, the mediocre will be given up, and the horse race will not match the horse.

  • survival concept

    Always trembling, always walking on thin ice

  • Safety concept

    Safety first, prevention first

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Yitang, Linyi City, Shandong Province