Introduction to the Institute
Shandong Province New R&D Institution   National CNAS Accredited Laboratory

Linyi Xingang Wood Industry New Materials Technology Research Institute was established in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute") and currently has more than 40 employees. With the core of improving the independent innovation capabilities of the industry, the institute adheres to the principles of enterprise-oriented, resource integration and common development, operates in a market-oriented manner, guides the research and development of advanced application technologies, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, introduces domestic and foreign innovative talents and teams, Establish new models and new business formats for scientific research and manufacturing interaction, form a virtuous cycle in which R&D and industry are closely linked and promote each other, and create a high-level research institute that serves Linyi, radiates surrounding areas, and is oriented at home and abroad.

In 2022, the institute was rated as a new R&D institution in Shandong Province and approved as a national CNAS accredited laboratory; in 2023, it was recognized as a professional laboratory for bionic formaldehyde-free artificial panels by the National Wood and Bamboo Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. Relying on Xingang Group, the institute has established industry-university-research cooperation with major universities and scientific research institutes, opening up the last mile of achievement transformation.

At present, the institute participates in the national key R&D plan projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan, undertakes the research and development work of Shandong Province's major green and livable science and technology demonstration projects, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration's key R&D projects, school-enterprise cooperation projects, etc., and has completed new products, new Multiple technologies; applied for 50 authorized patents, participated in the formulation of 14 standards, including 8 national standards; published more than 10 papers, including 4 SCI papers; won Linyi Science and Technology Award, Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award, Huaihai Science Technology Award and many other awards.

In the next step, the institute will continue to actively carry out industry-university-research cooperation, introduce high-level innovative talent teams and industry cutting-edge technologies, carry out the digestion, absorption and re-innovation of new products and technologies, enrich the wood product chain, actively share social resources; establish an A mechanism that is conducive to technological innovation and achievement transformation, builds a "bridge" between industry and scientific research, promotes industrial technological progress, improves core competitiveness, focuses on the major needs of industrial transformation and upgrading under the "double carbon" policy, researches, develops, and transforms the wood industry. Major key core technologies will drive the wood industry towards high-end wood industry and seize the commanding heights of technological innovation in the wood industry.

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