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Love at Home in Newport | Newport Group Holds the 2023 Goddess Festival Parent Child Study Activity

On March 4th, on the occasion of the 113th "March 8th" International Women's Day, the Xingang Group Party General Branch, Trade Union Committee, and Communist Youth League Xingang Group Branch held a grand "Love in Xingang Home in Xingang | Xingang Group 2023 Goddess Festival Parent Child Research Activity" to care for women's physical and mental health, care for the healthy growth of the next generation, and experience the technological power behind Xingang Group's green and environmentally friendly products up close.

Spring is full of vitality and everything is new. At 9 o'clock in the morning, more than 30 female employees and children of the group gathered at Xingang Group. The children, filled with novelty and excitement, orderly entered the super strong particle board production line of Xingang Group to visit.

Entering the "Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing" production workshop of Xingang Group, you can feel the advanced production equipment and main control room from zero distance. The modern and full of images constantly attract the attention of children. Children are curious to ask various questions, and parents and staff patiently answer them one by one.

Upon arriving at the quality control laboratory, Director Min of the Group Research Institute prepared a magical scientific experiment for children. Through experiments on the color changes of indicators with different pH solutions, identification of wood rings and tree species, and experiments on the sinking and floating of wood with different densities, the group's green and environmentally friendly home panel products were interpreted in simple terms, cultivating children's curiosity and exploration desire for science, and planting a seed of knowledge in the children's hearts.

At the same time, Xingang Group actively explores formaldehyde free technology, takes practical actions to care for the next generation, and cares for the healthy growth of children. From raw materials to production processes, we strictly control and create a "formaldehyde free space" for children. We are committed to using green and environmentally friendly materials to build a healthy living environment for children, protect their daily lives, and make the home a healthy and warm spiritual habitat for children.

After visiting the production workshop, we arrived at the event venue. In her speech, Liu Ying, Vice President of Xingang Group, stated that Xingang Group has had a development history of thirty years since its establishment in 1993. During the rapid development of the group over the past thirty years, a group of outstanding female employees have emerged, constantly gaining and growing on the platform of Xingang, loving and dedicated to their work, and taking the factory as their home. As an employee and mother of Xingang, I sincerely share a sentence with the children: where there is a mother, it is home. When there is a mother, it is home. When there is a mother in Xingang, it is home.

Next, the group will continue to organize rich and colorful activities to enhance the cohesion, centripetal force, and sense of belonging of employees, jointly care for the growth of the next generation, and showcase the group's corporate culture and humanistic care.

Accompanied by cheers and laughter, parents and children began parent-child handicraft activities. The children demonstrated excellent hands-on skills, and worked together with parents to sort out the production and installation steps. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, with laughter lingering throughout the entire activity site. This warm moment not only cultivates children's hands-on ability, but also leaves a joy of harvest and a beautiful memory in the hearts of every child and parent. It also allows parents to feel the joy of participating in children's activities, narrowing the distance between children and parents, and spending a wonderful parent-child time.

The implementation of parent-child research activities has further enhanced the relationship between employees and their children, allowing their children to better understand their parents' work environment, further enhancing their sense of identification, gain, and pride towards Xingang Group, and showcasing the positive and positive corporate culture of Xingang Group. Xingang Group has been focusing on the wood industry for thirty years, always adhering to the mission of "leading the development of the wood industry and innovating quality life". It is committed to researching and producing formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly home products, caring for children's health with more reassuring and safe quality, creating more green and environmentally friendly products for consumers, creating a healthy home experience, and also contributing to the healthy and green development of the industry.

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